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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Are you looking for an alternative style service for your child’s Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah Celebration!? Let me introduce myself… My name is Rabbi Jason Miller and my goal is to help make your Jewish teen’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah a wonderful experience for them and a meaningful event for the entire family.

Rabbi for Private Bat Mitzvah - Rabbi Jason Miller

The bar mitzvah ceremony is the coming of age ritual for a Jewish boy and the bat mitzvah ceremony is the coming of age ritual for a Jewish girl. It is essential that the bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl learns to love being Jewish, appreciate their rich heritage and discovers meaningful, relevant and accessible content to help make this life cycle event as meaningful as possible.

My training is as a Conservative Rabbi, but I have officiated at life cycle events — including bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ceremonies — for Reform, Orthodox, Reconstructionist and Conservative families, and for many families that consider themselves unaffiliated with a particular Jewish denomination.

These bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ceremonies are creative, highly personalized services where the focus is on the bar/bat mitzvah teen. Each service is unique and appropriate for the teen’s abilities.

Rabbi-Bat-MitzvahIf your teen has learning differences, I be certain that their training accommodates for those differences. I also work with special needs teens for bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies.

Tutoring: I use a variety of highly skilled bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah tutors, both male and female. It doesn’t matter where you live as my tutors are able to provide distance learning through Skype, Google Chat or FaceTime with your teen.

Rabbi-for-Private-Bar-Mitzvah-Detroit-MichiganLocation: The location is up to you. Travel fees may apply.

Torah: I have access to a kosher Torah scroll.

Prayer Books: I can either provide prayer books for the bar or bat mitzvah, or customized prayer books can be created specifically for the ceremony. These personalized prayer books make nice keepsakes for your guests. They can also be customized for your family so they can be used for a future bar or bat mitzvah in your family.

For more information please contact me.